Gabriela Coletta: Our Dynamic City Councilor

When Lydia Edwards, our former District 1 City Councilor, was elected to the State Senate, our immediate reaction was, “Our loss  is the Senate’s gain.”

Ms. Edwards had been an outstanding member of the Boston City Council and we knew that she would be hard to replace.

However, in the eight months since Gabriela “Gigi” Coletta stepped up to run for the seat, and then was elected in a special election in May, it has become apparent that our community once again has a District 1 City Council member who is a dynamo.

Gigi, who was raised on Eastie’s Eagle Hill, knows our community inside and out — she served as then-Councilor Edwards’s Chief of Staff for five years — and has proven to be a fierce advocate for the residents of her district. Moreover, Councillor Coletta is incredibly accessible — she seems to have the ability to be in three places at once and is at every community event.

We look forward to Gigi’s representation of our community in the coming year. We know that she always will have the interests of her constituents uppermost in mind and will do great things for our district.

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