Coletta Reflects on First Seven Months With Annual Report, Wins for the Community

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Councilor Gabriela Coletta recently released her 2022 Annual Report reflecting on her first seven months on the Boston City Council. In the report, she highlights funding wins, community service initiatives, policy and organizing efforts, and looks ahead to priorities on the Council and in our neighborhoods for 2023.

“As we close 2022, I’m proud to share our important work over the past seven months and what I’m advocating for in the new year. As promised when I was interviewing to work for you, I hit the ground running and I’m incredibly honored to serve district one every day.”

Coletta states she’s prioritized staying deeply rooted in the community while being as accessible and responsive as possible.

“Together, we fought for more housing affordability, environmental justice and climate resilience, quality public education for kids, and so much more. … In the community, I remain committed to improving quality of life for all residents through efficient municipal services. We’ve advocated for more transparency, held special interests accountable, and organized service projects to help beautify our neighborhoods.”

Coletta mentions that she looks forward to implementing a robust agenda that envisions a brighter and more inclusive Boston in 2023 and beyond.

Highlights of the report include:

Over $500,000 in budget amendments to improve city services and quality of life in District One

Once-in-generation oversight of Federal ARPA investments in affordable housing preservation, school infrastructure, food access, and youth and senior programing

Calling for a district-wide, comprehensive plan for our waterfront to protect against displacement due to coastal flooding and storm surge

Zoning Board of Appeals systemic reforms and prioritizing planning before development

Coordination of construction and utility street work while improving technology systems for permits

Standardizing an environmental justice and climate change curriculum in Boston Public Schools

Fostering a welcoming and inclusive City by supporting migrant families and policies supporting our LGBTQ+ residents

Encouraging residents to give back to their neighborhoods through community service projects

“It has been a privilege to serve a district that I love and that has given me everything. I am hopeful that we can expand prosperity and continue to foster the vibrancy of Charlestown, East Boston and the North End, together.”

Coletta encourages residents to reach out to her office for a meeting for suggestions and ideas to solve our most persistent issues. To see her 2022 Annual Report in full, please visit for English and for Spanish.

For additional information please contact the Office of Councilor Gabriela Coletta by phone at (617) 635-3200 or by email at [email protected].

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