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A Huge Thank You

To the Editor,

A huge thank you to the many who gave food donations (cans, pasta, and cash) to the Harvest on Vine Food Pantry (HOV) at the recent Halloween Parade event around the monument.

Tom McDonald, the director of “Harvest on Vine”, and his volunteer staff are always especially grateful for the opportunity to speak with the community of Charlestown regarding the food insecurity that residents face every day. At this event, not only were there over 20 bags of food donated to the pantry, but many people asked questions and learned about this organization first- hand. This Thanksgiving, the pantry expects over 600 families in need of food. Please help out.

Historically the Charlestown Community has been committed, caring and conscientious about reaching out to those in need. People always step up to the plate and do the right thing. Thank you.

Monthly food distributions are on the second Saturday at 10 AM and the last Tuesday at 2PM. This month the Thanksgiving distribution will be at 2PM in November 22.

For more information on HOV, please contact:  Tom McDonald 617.580.8305 or visit:   [email protected]

Per the website: “Perhaps you can help in other ways, your time matters.”

Thank You,

Michael W. Kelleher III

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