Police Briefs 07-14-2022


06/26/2022 – At about 9:35 a.m., the officer working the front desk of District A-15 headquarters was approached by a witness carrying a spent 9 mm shell-casing. The witness said he had completed a jog, bringing him to the area of Carney Court, where he collected the spent casing. Officer took custody of the shell casing from the witness and notified A-1 detectives.


07/01/2022 – At approximately 5:45 p.m., police received a radio call for an assault and battery in progress at 20 Eden St. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim, who stated that he was walking back from Charlestown Liquors when he realized three people were following him. The victim said when he turned onto Eden Street, the suspects jumped him and took his wallet. The victim provided police with a description of the suspects and  said immediately after the robbery, they fled towards Rutherford Avenue. Boston EMS transported the victim to Massachusetts General Hospital for further evaluation. A-1 detectives were notified of the incident.

Assault Aggravated

07/02/2022 – At around 4:45 p.m., an officer responded to 161 Bunker Hill St. for a reported assault. The victim said he was walking in the area of 160 Bunker Hill St. While crossing the street to return home, he ran into the suspect, who pulled a box cutter on the victim and attempted to cut him. The suspect chased the victim home and broke a window there. The victim further stated he doesn’t the suspect, but when the suspect drinks, he becomes aggressive and violent. Officers will summonsed the suspect into Charlestown District Court on the charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Larceny – Theft from a Building

07/06/2022 – At about 5:17 p.m., police responded to the CVS Pharmacy at 21 Austin St. for a report of larceny. The officer spoke with the caller, who stated that at approximately 4:47 p.m., a 5-foot, 5-inch  male, about 18 to 25 years old, and wearing light-colored sneakers, approached her at the register and asked if she could change a $100 bill. The clerk stated she opened the register drawer and started to count out change for the $100. The suspect reached into the drawer, stole two $20 bills and exited the store headed toward Main Street. The officer observed video footage of the incident, and Area A-1 Detectives responded to process the scene.

License Premise Violation

07/09/2022 – At around 1 p.m., the Licensed Premise Unit conducted a licensed premise inspection of Pier 6 at 1 Eighth St. Detectives observed a female patron walk away from the bar with five alcoholic beverages and deliver them to patrons standing on the patio. Detectives pointed out the incident to the manager and reminded the manager that a single patron could only be served two alcoholic drinks simultaneously. As a result of what was observed, the sergeant issued a licensed premise inspection notice.

Larceny – All Others

07/10/2022 – At approximately 11:30 a.m., police took a walk-in larceny report at 20 Vine St. The victims stated they received a message on their home computer of a security breach on the computer. The victim said they were advised to purchase gift cards from Apple ($9,999.00) and Lowes ($6,000) on their American Express card. The victims further stated they were scammed into making these purchases in exchange for fixing security breaches. The victims have notified both credit card companies and completed a credit report check.

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