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An Opportunity to Set Things Right 

To the Editor,

Hard to believe, but the historic battle of June 17, 1775, aka the Battle of Bunker Hill, is not listed on any local, state, or national register!

With the 250th anniversary of this most noteworthy first major battle of the American Revolution fast approaching, now is the moment to ensure that our neighborhood’s Battlefield History gets the respect it deserves. 

Boston Landmarks Commission, Massachusetts Historical Commission, and National Register of Historic Places, have never officially recognized June 17, 1775, the First Official US Army Battle.  

Cataloging this Battlefield on the appropriate registers, will protect the value of the consequential events that took place here from June 1775 to March 1776 for posterity.  

It is our duty and our privilege as residents of Charlestown to set things right. With your support, we can make sure that our nation’s very first veterans are venerated for their sacrifice on this hallowed soil.

Join us on Monday, June 6, at 7:15 PM at the American Legion Post 26 (23 Adams Street) for a public discussion held by the CNC Historic Battlefield sub-committee.

Johanna Hynes

CNC Historic Battlefield sub-committee, Chair

Thank You for Supporting My Journey

To the Editor,

As a recent graduate of Harvard College, I would like to extend immense gratitude and thanks to the following individuals and groups who have been instrumental in supporting my journey:

To the Morrissey family and the Friends of Ryan “Duce” Morrissey Scholarship Fund Committee for your generous support throughout my four years. The financial support has been instrumental in allowing me to pursue incredible opportunities during my 4 years and alleviate financial burdens. I am honored to continuously honor the legacy of Ryan and look to continue to inspire others just as Duce did everyday.

To the Old Charlestown School Boys Association for their generous and continued support of my educational journey over the past 4 years. Through this continued support, I have been able to alleviate many financial burdens paying for school, and the work and impact of the scholarship funds available has had an extremely positive impact during my four years at school.

To the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club and its staff, including Derek, Sharon, John, Karen, and so many others for giving me a second home. The opportunities, scholarships, and resources provided to me by the Club has opened so many doors and allowed me to dream big, and I am grateful for the continued support throughout the years.

To Father Mahoney, Joan, and the St. Francis de Sales rectory for their continued support in my faith and educational journey. The selflessness and care of Father Mahoney has been inspirational and inspires me everyday to live faithfully, and the mentorship and support I have received over the years has shaped me into the person I am today.

I am truly grateful and blessed to have had the love, care and support of the incredible Charlestown community I call home during my four years at Harvard and look forward to continue being an advocate and supporter for others living in our great community of Charlestown.

Joseph “Joe” Griffith

Elle M. Woods is the Quinn Scholar

To the Editor,

All associated with Michael’s mission are proud to announce that Elle M. Woods, has been chosen as the 2022, Quinn Scholar. With a combined SAT score of 710, coupled with a 3.83, grade average, Elle had a distinguished career at Boston Latin School. As the 21st recipient from Boston Latin, and twenty seventh female award winner, she joins an accomplished group. Additionally  Elle is the first winner to attend Northeastern University, Bouve College of Nursing. Balancing a demanding academic schedule, Elle found time to be an altar server, member of Latin student leadership and president of Keystone at Charlestown Boy’s and Girls Club. Many have witnessed her hosting at the Monument Restaurant, her skills are boundless.

On June 26, we will award Elle the $12,000, award, at a luncheon with her parents .

As the 53rd Quinn Scholar, Elle will be honored at our 54th annual dinner dance on April 1, 2023, at the Bunker Hill Knights of Columbus Hall, 545 Medford St., Charlestown, Ma.

Elle’s character is reflected in the words of George Bernard Shaw, “ The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

Ronan J FitzPatrick


Pier 5 Petition Update

To the Editor,                         

 Just the Facts: Where, What, Why and When. 

Where: Pier 5, the Head of the Boston Harbor is located in the Navy Yard. Pier 5 has a long and storied history as a centerpiece for Naval construction and repairs from which it was originally built in 1912. The Navy Yard was decommissioned in 1975 and given to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, now known as the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Over 50 years of neglect has resulted in the pier deteriorating and unusable. 

What: The Pier 5 Association, a group of concerned citizens recognizing the historic value of the pier have been advocating for a public, climate resilient, open, and green space for ALL the Charlestown community to enjoy.

The following petition was undertaken to validate the need and want of the community.

We, the undersigned, support a public, restored, and open space for Pier 5 in the Charlestown Navy Yard. 

Pier 5 serves as the Head of the Harbor: and is the last open space on the Harborwalk. Pier 5 is an irreplaceable public amenity, featuring magnificent access to the water, with expansive views, offering opportunities for public enjoyment and education for Boston residents and workers, and the millions of visitors from around the world.

The petition has collected 2302 signers on-line as well as 983 paper signers. 

Why: Charlestown has the highest population density in Boston. Currently there are 20,000 residents and with all the new proposals the census will swell to 30,000 in our one square mile.

Charlestown has the least amount of open space with 3.09 acres per 1000 residents compared to 7.59 acres for Boston in general.

In addition, Charlestown is home to the largest public housing development in the Northeast.

Environmental justice is critical for the residents. Open space contributes to our physical and mental health and impacts our quality -of- life issues in a positive manner. 

Charlestown surrounded by three bodies of water, is in a severe flood zone.

When: Mayor Wu has appointed a new City Planner, Mr. Author Jamieson to address the need for a comprehensive and long overdue realignment of the Boston Planning and Development Agency. There needs to be planning in each of the communities of Boston before development takes place. We will be presenting our petition to advocate for a vibrant, open, green, and climate resilient space for our community, the Greater Boston community and the 500,000 yearly visitors to the Navy Yard.

In addition, Mayor Wu has said, “As a coastal city, we need to get our waterfront right—by centering equitable access, climate resilience and community.”

This is a quick snapshot of the current status of the petition and aligns with Mayor Wu’s advocacy for a waterfront for everyone. 

What can you do? Please visit Pier5.org to learn more about how you can help as well as sign the petition.

Please email Mayor Wu at [email protected]

Or call: 617.635.4500

Or write: 1 City Hall Square

Suite 550

Boston, MA. 02201-2043

It is important to get this right for the 02129 community. Your help is needed now.

Thank you,

Ann Kelleher

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