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Should Not Be Allowed to Hog the Area

To the Editor:

I agree completely with the view taken by Lisa Allen, Carol Hickey, Phil Sherry and Marion Sweeney in last week’s paper, that putting a beer garden, The Anchor, in Shipyard Park was a bad idea and should not be repeated.  They are right, that is not what was intended for that park.

My own feelings on the subject had been more modest: The Anchor should at least be reined in and not allowed to hog every square foot of attractive seating in the park.  Last summer, our book club couldn’t sit where we liked – in the paved area at the top of the park – but had to sit in the grass, often wet from recent rain showers and frequented by scores of dogs.

I believe an exercise-to-music group was forced out of the park and now has to meet in the Dog Park. 

The BRA/BPDA has been exploiting the Navy Yard for years and it needs to be stopped.  Former Mayor Menino promised to get rid of the BRA but that promise evaporated as soon as he was elected.  I don’t know what Mayor Wu’s position on the subject is but I would like to see that agency disbanded and something more responsible put in its place.

In any case, the RFP for Shipyard Park should be abandoned or at least restricted to a much smaller area, to allow residents to enjoy the park in peace.

Rosemary Frazier

Parris Landing

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