Letter to the Editor

Don’t Give up the Pier

To the Editor,

Throughout our advocacy for keeping Pier 5 public, what we are hearing from many in the Charlestown community is, “you can’t fight City Hall”, “the outcome is already in the bag,” and my favorite, “good luck in this battle.”

Listening to all viewpoints give us energy and reinforces our efforts and perseverance to do what the people want and deserve, open and green waterfront access for everyone. With over 2600 petition signers and ongoing, we hear the community loud and clear, and we will carry that message all the way to City Hall and beyond.

Speaking of battles, I was reminded of a quote, “don’t give up the ship.” What is the history of these famous and frequently used words?

A snapshot history review, the battle of 1812 was fought between the HMS Shannon, a British vessel, and the Naval vessel the USS Chesapeake. As the Captain, James Lawrence, was mortally wounded and dying, he uttered, “don’t give up the ship.”

What intrigued me upon further research, are profound and worthwhile words spoken by Kara Yingling in 2012 to her classmates at the U.S. Naval Academy, “It is a rallying cry and inspires us to do more, to not give up, but also it stands for our core values of honor, courage, and commitment. It means to get the mission done and don’t compromise.”

What an appropriate piece of advice from a young woman to “not give up the ship”, dovetailing with our commitment to Charlestown to “not give up the pier.”

We are committed to a public Pier 5, to listen to the Charlestown community and to invite all to support these efforts for a successful “battle” to  do what the people want.

Please attend the Pier 5 event on Thursday, the 26th of August 4-7 pm at Pier 5. We will enjoy refreshments, kid’s activities, exhibits, food, music and more importantly, enjoy a gathering to meet one another and thank our supporters.

An update on the latest developments will be provided, what you can do, what we can do, most important, is to listen to your thoughts and suggestions regarding this once in a lifetime opportunity for All the PEOPLE now and in the future.       

  Ann Kelleher

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