WBZ-TV Meteorologist To Headline Family Event At The Gardens

Channel 4 meteorologist Eric Fisher will be at Gardens for Charlestown with the WBZ TV Mobile Weather Lab on Saturday July 24, 10 a.m. sharp for the Gardens’ first-ever Weatherfest!.
The event will be celebrating the installation of the Gardens’ very own weather station and enabling kids (and the adults in their lives) to learn about weather and climate in a fun interactive way. There will be snacks and refreshments, free swag, and plenty of chances to “meet the weatherman” and explore the weather lab.
There is no charge for the event.
“This event is an expression of the Gardens’ commitment to make our space more accessible to kids and family members and to help raise awareness about the natural environment,” says Chris Schiavone, Board president.
Says Amy Kennedy Slesar, a long-time Charlestown mom who leads the Gardens’ popular Tend & Tell program, “We’re super psyched to be able to host a fun and enriching event for Charlestown kids mid-summer when families might be looking for something different to do.”
The event is intentionally on a Saturday morning to give families a chance to participate and still have the rest of the day for summer fun.

Meteorologist Eric Fisher lives with his wife and their son in Charlestown and is a big booster of community gardens across the city. Before joining WBZ TV in 2013, Eric was on The Weather Channel. But his love of gardens and gardening long pre-dates that, having worked in retail greenhouse for 10 years starting in high school.
For current weather conditions in the Gardens, go to https://www.gardensforcharlestown.org/weather For more information about this event, email [email protected].

Charlestown resident and WBZ Meteorologist Eric Fisher will headline the Gardens for Charlestown’s first-ever Weatherfest on Saturday, July 14, at 10 a.m.

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