Baby Boyle Bouquets Offer Free Arrangements to Grieving Mothers

Once again Sean Boyle has felt the need to take care of mothers this Mother’s Day who might not be as happy as those who are celebrating with their families.

For many mothers who have recently, or in the past, lost their children to overdose or substance use disorder, the day can be overwhelming or – if they celebrate with their other children – bittersweet due to the fact that one chair is still empty at the supper table.

Boyle and his company, Baby Boyle Bouquets has once again stepped up to offer 100 bouquets, free of charge, to mother who have lost a child to addiction. Known as ‘Scent from Heaven,’ the program will send a free arrangement to those mothers that have had a request made to him.

“As part of ‘Scent From Heaven,’ we partnered with @theparttimefriendspodcast and reached out to Mothers who lost children due to substance use,” said Boyle. “They told their stories – one we rarely hear. There were intense moments and like a flower, these moms grew through the dirt and sprouted out of the ground to, like flowers, help other mothers heal and help someone struggling with addiction hear a mother’s perspective. There has been so many people reaching out to me about sending bouquets to moms this Mother’s Day, as well as many moms who can relate to this topic. Let us know of any mother’s that have lost a child due to addiction and we will send them a free bouquet for Mother’s Day that will be ‘Scent From Heaven.’”

This #MothersDay, Boyle said if there is any mother who has lost a child to overdose, please let him know and they will send a free floral bouquet ‘Scent From Heaven’ in memory of their loved one. Boston area and suburbs only.

To sponsor or donate, Venmo: @babyboylebouquets. Remaining contributions will be donated to scholarships for sober living.

To contact Boyle by phone, dial (617) 784-4519, or he can be e-mailed at [email protected].

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