Marathon Daffodils Lined the Walkway up to the Monument in Charlestown

Charlestown friends Nora Brennan, Caroline Sodergren, and Michelle Hingston took a break after walking up to the Monument to take some pictures with the Marathon Daffodils.
For the second year in a row, Marathon Daffodils lined the walkway up to the Monument in Charlestown – that coming due to the Boston Marathon being cancelled for the second year in a row and the project (championed by Charlestown’s Diane Valle) diverting some colorful flowers to Charlestown to show ‘Boston Strong.’ Last year’s placement was at the height of the COVID-19 surge, and it was a lonely and desolate Monday, Patriot’s Day, up at the Monument that day. This year, on Monday, the mood was still one of caution, but people were out and about and celebrating the beautiful spring day and the ability for everyone to be vaccinated.

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