Guest Op-Ed: When Does Christmas begin?

Dr. Glenn Mollette

Christmas has different beginning times for most everyone.

For some it’s when you put up the Christmas tree and decorations.

For others it’s when you wrap some presents and put them under the tree. 

While for others it’s about the Christmas music. When they first start hearing Christmas songs on the radio then Christmas has begun for them. 

Christmas may begin for you when your family arrives home to share in your celebration. Or your Christmas celebration may really begin when your family finally leaves.

When I was a child Christmas started for me when everything came together. The big fresh tree was hewn down from the hillside. Once it was decorated, I started watching for Santa.  But it still was ‘t Christmas until I came up with a big package of firecrackers, cherry bombs and other noisy fireworks.  I always loved putting firecrackers and cherry bombs under cans to see how far they would fly through the air. 

My mother would make cookies, cakes and pies. My dad would always buy a big box of apples and oranges. It seems like they lasted a week. 

Christmas really began when family came home. When we all got together that’s when it seemed Christmas really started. The excitement came by us all being together. Sharing gifts was fun and provided moments of laughter. Eating my mother’s delicious meal was always a stable holiday treat we always enjoyed. 

The best past part was everyone being together for a couple of days. With social distancing, this may be one element of Christmas that many will not get to enjoy in 2020. 

So many thousands of people have died from Covid-19 and they will be missed at the Christmas table. If this is you please cling to the hope of life beyond this world and that you will see your loved one again.

I believe throughout our planet that seeing our sick friends get well would make Christmas for  all of us. 

Christmas is different this year. We must enter Christmas this year with hope. You have to have hope to live. Life without hope is like a car with no fuel. A vaccine for Covid-19 is coming. We are praying this will spare lives in 2021. We have hope that by next Christmas we can all get together and celebrate. 

Keep in mind there has never been anything normal about Christmas. Mary and Joseph and the baby spent their first Christmas in a barn which was like a cave for animals. The baby was laid in a cow’s trough for a bed.  Christmas always has the potential of being very different. 

Remember Christmas is in your heart and that’s where your main celebration and hope lie. May hope and Christmas be bright and rekindled anew and afresh. May you within your spirit hear the bells on Christmas day. And, may you hear the angels sing, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to all men on whom his favor rests.” 

Glenn Mollette is the publisher of Newburgh Press, Liberty Torch and various other publishing imprints; a national columnist –  American Issues and Common Sense opinions, analysis, stories and features appear each week In over 500 newspapers, websites and blogs across the United States.

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