Disney in Charlestown: New Movie Highlighting Charlestown Puts Neighborhood’s Best Foot Forward

A Disney feature film shot mostly in Charlestown earlier this year premiered last weekend, and put a great face on the Town with a snowy winter landscape (which was fake as we had no snow last year) and a cameo by one local young actress as well.

‘Godmothered’ was filmed mostly on Pleasant Street in January and February and had other scenes throughout Boston – and one in the Edwards Middle School as well. The film features Jillian Bell and Isla Fisher in the lead roles with a plot that centers around broken dreams and a fairy magic fix. It is directed by Shannon Maguire, who also directed ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ some years ago.

A snow scene from the movie ‘Godmothered’ shows off the Town in winter. Though it was filmed last January and February, many locally will remember that the crew had to film in the dead of night and use fake snow. The movie highlights the neighborhood in a fantastic way, and premiered on Disney Plus last weekend.

Many recall the Disney crew setting up earlier this year on Pleasant Street and Boyle Street with a full production crew, the stars of the show and even some fake snow. The crew had filmed in the cold months as they expected to have snow in Boston, but last year was a little snow-less, so many in the Town marveled at the crew’s ability to create a fun, but fake, snow scene.

Having a cameo in the film is Charlestown’s Meara Gross, who plays the part of a neighborhood child and can be seen riding her bike on the hills of Pleasant Street in the movie.

Her mother, Fiona Mahoney Gross, said her daughter had a great time on set filming with the stars and participating in a professional production – especially it being set in her hometown.

“Meara had a great time on set, made new friends, learned about shooting at night and riding her bike in (fake) snow and she loved that this movie highlighted her hometown,” said Fiona.

At one point, the directors even asked her if she were comfortable riding her bike on the hills in Charlestown.

“She just told them she had grown up riding her bike on these hills so it was no big deal for her,” laughed her mother.

Meara Gross, 11, is also now appearing in a Lifetime holiday movie that was filmed in Worcester earlier this year. In that movie, ‘Christmas on Ice,’ she has a larger part and actually gets to skate in the film.

Meara has participated in shows at the Charlestown Working Theatre, and plays Charlestown Youth Soccer and swims at the Boys & Girls Club too. She attends the Eliot K-8 School in the North End. “Our family just really loved that Charlestown and this neighborhood was the star of the show,” said Fiona

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