Harvard Kent Parents Association Looking to Raise $20k in Virtual Fundraiser

The fall fundraiser for the Harvard Kent Parents Association is always one of the highlights of the year for the school community, and it raises much needed funds to support the diverse and high-achieving students in the school.

However, the fundraiser will have to go online this year, but it doesn’t mean they don’t expect to have fun and raise some money at the same time.

The two-week fundraiser will come to an end on Oct. 31, and there are four small-business packages being given away in a raffle. The drawing will be at 9 a.m. on Nov. 1.

“Our goal is to raise $20,000 which is $50 a student to support the Harvard-Kent students,” said Becky Adamonis, president of the HKPA.

She said the fundraising will help kids at the school in terms of supplementing technology, headphones, stylus pens, masks and other things that are in demand.

“Given that the Harvard Kent is one of the most diverse schools in BPS, we have a high percentage of families with economic challenges,” she said. “So, we’re looking to support so many of our families with the fundraising and that’s why we hope to reach our goal of $20,000.”

Jimmy Lister Jr. said the fun in the matter deals with the raffle, an attempt to help local businesses that have helped the school in year’s past. The raffle includes four packages worth $800 in value each. One is the Bunker Hill/Medford Street package, with gift certificates to Brewer’s Fork, Jenny’s and others.

There is the Freedom Trail Package, with gift certificates to the Warren Tavern, Elements Day Spa and Tea and Treats.

The other two packages are the Navy Yard/Bunker Hill package, and the Main Street package. Each contains at least $800 worth of gift certificates.

“We looked for any way to support them in any way we could, because they have been there for us, supporting the school, over the years,” he said.

To buy a raffle ticket before the deadline of Oct. 31, go online to the following locations:



Find more information on HKPA and link in bio on our instagram page @harvardkentparents  or email us [email protected].

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