Letter to the Editor

We Are Not Helping the Kids

To the Editor,

I could not help but notice the article relating to the School Committee and the exam schools.

My wife and I have been residents of Charlestown all our lives, as we approached high school busing started, resulting in us going to private/Catholic school.

As we got married and had three kids, the Boston school system continued is free fall into a noteworthy system resulting in our three-children going to private/public for their 12 years of school before going off to college. 

My point is, the busing though legally required, did not solve any issue of education or diversity. It basically eroded the educational level for all students ( white, black, brown …. ).

The same issue is relating to Exam Schools. The so called “system” is forcing itself upon exam schools under the guise of racial disparity for kids of all colors – so they say, but in effect hurt the richer Burroughs of the city i.e. Charlestown. The effect will be the same as above. Taking prestigious schools (i.e. Latin) and dumbing them down to accept children that do not qualify or can’t pass a test because the education system has continued to fail them. The conclusion will be more diversification more children of color and just another school that becomes insignificant as a result. 

We are not helping the system or the kids, when we are lowering the bar just to please everyone in the city. It’s dumb.  

 Frank Harmon

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