Students Will Get M7 MBTA Pass Despite Starting out Remotely

The lifeblood of getting to school and around the city for students in grades 7-12 is the M7 MBTA pass, and this year – despite starting off the year remotely at home, students will still get the hard-fought passes from Boston Public Schools (BPS).

This week, BPS told the newspaper the would distribute the M7 passes to school leaders, and the schools are now in the process of scheduling pick-up times before the end of September.

“Schools will receive M7 passes for all students in grades 7-12, including those who selected fully remote learning, with the exception of anyone who instead receives yellow bus transportation – for example students whose IEP qualifies them for a bus,” said a spokesman for BPS.

The pick-up day is consistent, they said, with how things have been done in the past where students have to arrange transportation to school on the first day, and then pick up their passes.

BPS said all students who qualify for an M7 will also receive a mailer in the next few weeks to let them know, as part of the transportation assignment mailers that are scheduled go out before the start of the school year.

Students in grades K-6 qualify for yellow school bus transportation if they live far enough away from school, but BPS students in grades 7-12 are expected to use the MBTA to get to school. The district does not provide transportation to older students. Instead, the versatile M7 pass is provided to students and is a great amenity for them to get to school and to get around the city. They are good on weekends and holidays as well as school days.

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