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I Support Dan Ryan

To the Editor,

I am writing in support of Dan Ryan, who is running for re-election as our State Representative.

Having known Dan for many years, both personally and professionally, I can honestly say he is the best person for this job and deserves our vote. Dan Ryan is a man always on the lookout to make our neighborhoods the best they can be. He always seems to have the time to listen to his constituents with more than a smile and a nod. Dan really cares about what goes on around him. He is a supporter of many local charities and is always there to lend his support, both

physically and with state and local resources. Whether its Youth Sports, Harvest on Vine Food Pantry, Theater and the Arts, Dan Ryan can be seen in the back of the room, listening to folks and helping out where he can. Particularly close to my heart (my wife is the Operating Director) is Dan’s support of The Charlestown Working Theater. The CWT has served children and families in our community for many years and Dan has always been there for them. The arts are

in a delicate place right now and we sure need someone who knows how important a vibrant, active arts scene can enrich our communities.

Please consider all this when you vote. Whatever your thoughts are, please make sure you vote.

It’s your voice.

Stay safe and be well.

Tony V

I Support Damali Vidot

To the Editor,

I’m writing to ask for your vote for Damali Vidot for State Representative because Charlestown deserves a bold leader who knows how to listen to and work with the community to create safer, healthier neighborhoods for us all.

I have lots of hopes and dreams for our neighborhood, including a re-design of Rutherford Avenue that is based on accurate information, sound transportation policy and true public engagement.  Unfortunately, the community’s calls for authentic engagement have not been taken seriously.  Instead, we’ve had multiple planning exercises over more than a decade that somehow left everyone feeling like the “fix” was in and our elected officials weren’t listening to us.

Earlier this year (before the pandemic), the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy proved the fault in the most recent re-design by taking new traffic counts, which showed that Rutherford Avenue carries only a little more traffic today than it did in 1962 – the rate of growth has been much slower than projected and few cars actually use the underpasses. Charlestown residents had to FOIA the City in 2017 for its traffic projections; the data did not support the selected plan.

We can and should do better for our families, our health, our climate and our community.

A few weeks ago, I invited Damali to walk Rutherford Avenue with me and a few neighbors. I was struck by her authenticity, how eager she was to learn, and how prepared she is to advocate for our community just as she has in Chelsea. 

And Damali got it right away: instead of committing ourselves to another 60 years with a regional highway cutting through Charlestown, we could spend less money, have more open space, safer pedestrian crossings, and dedicated lanes for bus rapid transit, all without increasing traffic on neighborhood streets.

Emma Yashar

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