Police Briefs 07-30-2020

Charlestown Beat


07/20/20 – A victim on Monument Street reported upon returning home from vacation, he saw that his motor vehicle had sustained extensive damage to the driver’s side panels and bumper. The cause of the damage was unknown at that time.


07/23/20 – A victim on Corey Street reported when she returned to her motor vehicle, she noticed dents and scratches on her vehicle possibly caused by a car parked near hers. The matter is under investigation.

Assist Another Department

07/25/20 – Officers responded to Cambridge Street for a report of a person shot. EMTs were on the scene and transported the victim to Mass General Hospital, although the extent of the victim’s injuries were unknown at this time. As a result of the subsequent investigation, it was determined the shooting actually took place in Somerville, and that the victim drove to Cambridge Street to meet his cousin. The scene was turned over to Somerville Police detectives, and the matter remains under investigation.

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