Former Tall Ship Restaurant Idea for Navy Yard Finds Another Home at Eastie Landing

Just one year ago, Pier 6’s Charlie Larner had a proposal to activate the Navy Yard – a Tall Ship that would feature a raw bar and a full alcohol bar as well.

The idea sank like a lead weight in the Navy Yard, and the City finally gave it the kibosh last summer after many contentious meetings and discussions – in fact after the Tall Ship was purchased by Larner and heading for Boston. However, the Tall Ship restaurant idea has resurfaced and found a new docking location in East Boston.

This week, the new plan to create an outdoor dining experience that would include a Tall Ship and large patio along East Boston’s waterfront was presented to East Boston residents, with a positive review.

Massport’s Anthony Guerriero said that the proposal, dubbed “Eastie Landing”, came about last year between Massport, Roseland and the Navy Yard Hospitality Group (NYHG), which owns the Reel House in East Boston and Pier 6 in Charlestown.

“Roseland and Massport have been trying to activate the southwest corridor area around Pier I,” said Guerriero.

Massport and Roseland were approached by the NYHG with the idea of docking a 242 ft. steel hull Tall Ship at Pier I to create a unique dining experience for Eastie residents.

“The NYHG would operate a restaurant and bar on the Tall Ship as well as create and manage a large patio area on the pier,” said Guerriero. “The hope to operate between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. and while the ship would include food and drinks the patio would include pop-up shops that sell goods like souvenirs.”

The patio on the dock could also include food trucks, activity spaces, special event spaces, and seasonal activities.

“They are looking for a license to dock there for two years with the hopes that if everything goes well they can remain as Roseland finishes the Portside at Pier I project,” said Guerriero. “NYHG wants to not only gear this proposal to adults but to children and families as well with seasonal activities like a pumpkin patch in the fall or movie nights in the summer.”

Like the Reel House, the NYHG would provide free water shuttle services between the proposed restaurant and the other two NYHG restaurants in Eastie and Charlestown.

“They started the permitting process already and hope to be up and running by July 1,” said Guerriero.

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