E-Inc. Hosting Science Shows on BNN and Online

When COVID-19 hit, the e-Inc. children’s science program in the Navy Yard took a huge financial hit, and was blanketed in uncertainty with schools closed and hands-on activities cancelled.

Now they have pivoted to produce a series of shows called ‘Discovery Planet’ that are being shown on BNN and on Facebook and YouTube.

“We wanted to be value added and wondered how to do that,” said Dr. Ricky Stern of e-Inc. “At first, we didn’t understand there was this opening with technology. I find now we’re doing a lovely thing. I am hoping we can get even more people to watch it.”

So far they have talked about animal habitats and water as a resource, and will have other episodes coming up. The staff has been supportive in coming up with the curriculum and Stern has done a lot of the show hosting duties, she said.

“It really is meant to be a serious science lesson, but we also want to give kids things to do and try and make,” she said. “It’s a little lighter. It’s similar to what we do in the schools, but it isn’t as strict or tight with a curriculum. “I use my kitchen a lot,” she continued. “You have everything you need like pots and boiling things and water. I’m not sure I’ll be a great TV host as there are a few bloopers.”

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