Guest Op-ed: Councilor Edwards Endorses Rep. Dan Ryan for Re-election

By Councilor Lydia Edwards

Charlestown is a special place and it has been my honor to represent the neighborhood for the last two years. This special place faces unique challenges.  Charlestown is one square mile and is going through growing pains. People who helped build it feel pushed out and new families wonder if their children will be able to attend school here. We are bordered by land and sea and several city and state agencies along with the federal government control our land and our growth. We have the largest housing development in the region and how it is redone will determine the future of Charlestown and set a blueprint for the rest of Boston. We are where history meets the present and our roots and memories are long and our hearts and love of the Town and our children is great.

I love that I can represent Charlestown, but I know no one better to be the Representative of Charlestown than Daniel Ryan.

Damali Vidot is an excellent city councilor and she navigates similar issues in Chelsea. I have known her for years, and before I was in politics. She is my friend and she inspires me. Her story and her fight is the story and fight of many kids in Charlestown. She will make an excellent state representative one day.

But it’s Dan who I look to for the cohesive vision. It’s Dan that I listen to when discussing navigating contentious issues. It’s Dan’s deep knowledge and historical context that guides my fight for Charlestown. Dan is a bridge and is practical in his approach. We don’t approach problems the same way, but that is a strength not a weakness. We push each other. Honestly, I wish Dan was more boastful (he would disagree). Too many people have no clue how many hours he works in the State House, how many calls he takes personally, or who he sees on his walk to work. He rises to the occasion because as he once told me teary eyed at Bunker Hill Development, “I do it all for them.” It’s a joy to be his city councilor. It’s an even greater honor to endorse him.

Lydia Edwards is City Councilor of District 1.

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