First Lt. James Connors Following in the Military Path of Gillen Family

First Lt. James P. Connors is following closely in the footsteps of his uncle, the late Commander Robert L. Gillen, as he just finished Ranger training on May 15, and is being deployed from Ft. Drumm (New York) to Afghanistan.

Connors is the grandson of Renee Gillen Moffatt, and the nephew of Moe Gillen, of Charlestown and great grandson of Mary Gillen. He was a high school hockey star, winning the state championship alongside his brother, Ryan, at Marshfield High.

After high school, he used the guidance and example of his uncle, Commander Gillen, to attend and graduate from Norwich University in 2017. He graduated officer school in October 2018 afterward.

He actually gave his first salute to his cousin, Capt. (Ret.) U.S. Navy Robert Gillen, son of Commander Gillen.

His grandmother Renee said he has attended the Bunker Hill Day Parade with his brothers, Ryan and Nevin – who are now in the Coast Guard – with the Gillen family on St. Martin Street.

Lt. Connors’s father is Walter Connors, who is the son of Renee Gillen Moffatt.

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