Charlestown Nonprofits Set to Receive $420,000 from Grants

The city’s Community Preservation Committee made its recommendation for the distribution of its fiscal ’20 funding, which includes grants totaling $420,000 to two Charlestown nonprofits, during a virtual meeting Tuesday.

The Kennedy Family Services Center is set to receive a $400,000 Historic Preservation grant while the USS Constitution Museum in the Navy Yard is earmarked for a $40,000 Historic Preservation Grant for its sprinkler relocation project, said Chris Cook, the city’s chief of environment, energy and open spaces.

The projected completion dates for the Kennedy Center and the Constitution Museum projects are 2022 and the winter of 2021, respectively, Cook said.

In all, the CPC’s recommended Community Preservation Funds for fiscal ’20 amount to $24,309,000, and include nine Affordable Housing applications totaling $15,750,000; 16 Historic Preservation applications totaling $3,440,000; and 15 Recreational Space and Open Space applications totaling $5,119,000.

Mayor Martin Walsh still must sign off on the recommended allocation of funding.

Boston voters approved the Community Preservation Act by voting “yes” on Ballot Question 5 in November of 2016, and the city subsequently created the Community Preservation Fund, which is funded in part by a 1-percent property tax-based surcharge on residential and business property tax bills and took effect in July of 2017. 

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