Amidst Pandemic, Lost Dogs Still Find Their Way Home

With all that’s going on (or not going on) in the world and the Town these days, simple acts of kindness can easily get overlooked.

That includes finding a lost dog, and making sure the beloved pet finds its way back home.

On Tuesday, March 24, Sarah and Ryan Costa, CharlestownDogs members and dog Samaritans, saw an excited and clearly loose young dog near Bunker Hill Monument Park. The dog found its way into the small fenced garden in front of a home on Monument Square.

Sarah reached out to CharlestownDogs where Jackson Stewart immediately notified the CharlestownDogs community via social media of the lost dog and rushed to the scene.

Jackson was able to settle the excitable hound. Tammy, an owner of the building with the fenced garden, invited Jackson and the lost dog into her house. This stray dog was especially pleased to go inside as Tammy was preparing steaks for dinner.

Arthur Colpack, another member of CharlestownDogs leadership, arrived and, with Jackson, walked the dog to Arthur’s house where they waited until the owner responded. Through Jackson’s outreach, and helped by a person who had seen a lost dog flyer, Jackson contacted Paul, the dog’s owner.

At this point, the dog had a name: Sasha.

Paul came to Arthur’s house and, while keeping proper human distancing, happily reunited with his precious Sasha. 

“Charlestown is a great town filled with passionate and engaged people,” read a statement from CharlestownDogs. “The Charlestown dog community is a big part of all that is good in Charlestown.”

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