Pinto participates in production

Emerson Stage members recently participated in a production of “Good Breeding” at the Semel Theatre during its run from Feb. 20-23 at Emerson College in Boston.

“Good Breeding” is a contemporary retelling of “The Oresteia,” where Aeschylus’ timeless trilogy of revenge and justice meets our current collective unconscious. The language shifts seamlessly between poetic Greek in translation and “action-movie” catch phrasing, allowing the audience to travel between these two contrasting worlds. The adaptation stays true to the original story’s central conflict between humanity and the gods while wrestling with the concept of divine intervention and abandonment in surprising, highly theatrical, darkly comic, and often brutal ways.

Among those involved was Amy Pinto of Charlestown,  who was credited as Costume Designer in this production. Pinto is pursuing a degree in Design/Technology and is a member of Emerson College’s Class of 2020. At Emerson Stage, students in the Department of Performing Arts apply skills learned in the classroom to fully produced performances. The next generation of actors, designers, stage managers, technicians, administrators, and educators work alongside distinguished faculty, professional staff, and visiting artists to perfect their skills, build their resumes, and deepen their understanding of their craft and the role theater plays in enriching communities.

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