Winter Break at National Parks of Boston

National Parks of Boston and the USS Constitution Museum welcomes all students, family and friends for two weeks of winter fun, December 26 through January 5. Family-friendly activities and programs will take place throughout the park, including Bunker Hill Monument Museum, Faneuil Visitor Center, and Charlestown Navy Yard (the USS Constitution Museum and the Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center).  All activities are drop-in and free of charge. Note the park will be closed Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

•Bunker Hill Monument Museum at Monument Square

•Build a Paper Monument!

Use your design talent, technical skills, paper and scissors, and create a paper replica of the Bunker Hill Monument!


10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

(closed New Year’s Day)

Drop-in Activity

Best for ages 6 and up

•What’s in the Militiman’s Pack?

Learn more about the colonial militiamen who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill on July 17, 1775. Explore and examine reproduction items the militiaman would have carried with them. What’s in your backpack?

December 28 & 29

January 4 & 5

1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Drop-in Activity

Best for ages 8 and up

Activities at USS Constitution Museum, Building 22 in Charlestown Navy Yard

•Battle with HMS Java!:  Are you ready to take on the British ship HMS Java in the War of 1812? Step into the role of a USS Constitution crew member as you train, fight and win the ship’s second famous battle. Mornings will feature a drop-in craft activity and afternoons will feature Ready, Aim, Fire, a hands-on family program that teaches the science and steps required to fire a 32 pound carronade.


10am – 5pm

(Closed New Year’s Day)

Drop-in Activity

Best for ages 8 and up

•Hide and Seek Guerriere:  Guerriere the Terrior, Mascot of the USS Constitution Museum, wants to play one of his favorite games, “Hide and Seek”! He has put on several disguises and hidden himself around the museum. Can you find him?


10am – 5pm

(Closed New Years Day)

All ages and families

Activities at Charlestown Navy Yard Visitor Center

•Knot Challenge!:  Good sailors take pride in their ability to choose and tie knots. Try your hand at tying basic knots. You’ll be way ahead of most recreational boaters!

December 27 –  29

January 3 – 5

10am – 4pm

Drop-in Activity

Best for ages 5 and up

•Single Flag Fun:  Colorful flags strung across a ship are not just for decoration. Sailors use “signal flags” to communicate with other ships. Discover the signal flag codes and create your own signal flag message to send to your family or a friend!

Friday, December 27

1pm – 4pm

Drop-in activity

Best for ages 4 and up

•SWON’s:  Shipbuilding Women of the Navy:  More than 8,000 women worked in the Charlestown Navy Yard during WWII They performed many jobs: welding, painting, twisting rope, driving a fork lift, and more.  Learn more about these female patriots as you color in a SWON Activity book or “rivet” your very own ribbon bracelet!  Learn more about these female patriots as you color in a SWON Activity book and “rivet” your very own ribbon bracelet!

December 28 , 29 & January 4

1pm – 4pm

Drop-in Activities

Best for ages 5 and up

•Who is Your SHEro”?:  There are many brave women heroes around us! What makes a woman heroine? Do you have a favorite heroine?  Decorate your own magnet and add it to the “SHEro” Monument!

January 2

1pm – 4pm

Drop-in Activity

Best for ages 5 and up

•Buttons and Bracelets: Learn a few basic knots Navy Sailor’s used aboard the USS Constitution and show off your new skill to make a friendship bracelet!

Pins were a fashionable and patriotic way to add a bit of glitz to your outfit during WWII. Pins demonstrated support for sailors overseas and workers in the shipyard. Many were in the shape of the American flag or eagle. Design your own pin with a cause that’s important to you!

January 3

1pm – 4 pm

Drop-in activity

Best for ages 6 and up

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