Letter to the Editor

Neighbor to Neighbor

Dear Editor,

Maya Angelo, a well- respected activist and poet once said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” With that in mind, we thank the community of Charlestown for their generous donations of non-perishable food items collected during the Bunker Hill Halloween parade.

Dubbed, Neighbor to Neighbor, we hope this endeavor will continue throughout the year to help the Harvest on Vine Food pantry keep their shelves stocked for the over 750 families that are provided with groceries each month.

For more information to donate, volunteer or simply learn more about the food pantry, contact Tom MacDonald at 617-990-7314 or email Tom at [email protected].

The Harvest on Vine Emergency Food Pantry is located in the former St. Catherine annex at 49 Vine St.

One can or one box of cereal does make a difference. Please consider joining in the Neighbor to Neighbor outreach as Charlestown, traditionally, reaches out to anyone needing an extra hand or help.

This is what Charlestown is all about: taking care of one another, Neighbor to

Toby Goldstein

Ann Kelleher

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