Defining a New Direction for the Charlestown Navy Yard

The Navy Yard will likely go through a major transformation in the next few years in regard to visitor experience, land use, development and rehabilitation – and the discussion of those changes will begin this month in a wide-ranging meeting  with the U.S. Navy, the National Park Service and the Constitution Museum to discuss the Yard’s future.

“I think this is an opportunity for the Parks, Museum and Navy to meet people and talk about this place we’ve spent the last couple of years working with a planner and designer regarding how we can enhance the Navy Yard and make it a world-class place for visitors and the community,” said Michael Creasey, superintendent of the National Parks of Boston. “It’s about continuing the engagement.”

On Thursday, Sept. 26, at 6 p.m., the National Parks of Boston will host a public meeting at the  USS Constitution Museum located at the Charlestown Navy Yard to discuss the future of the Yard.

The National Park Service, USS Constitution Museum and the US Navy will present current planning efforts underway for the  Charlestown Navy Yard unit of Boston National Historical Park.  The vision set forth in these plans provides an exciting new strategy for enhancing the visitor experience and providing for the long-term stewardship of the Navy Yard resources.

The National Park and its partners have strategically invested in several major planning efforts for the Charlestown Navy Yard setting the groundwork for master redevelopment of the navy yard. The “Visitor Experience Plan,” a community engaged and collaborative effort, is shaping the direction for determining investment priorities that make visitor experience a priority and allow for non-contributing resources to be leased. 

A concurrent space study for the 372,000 square feet of real estate in the Navy Yard provides recommendations for optimum utilization of space, cost revenue opportunities to offset rehabilitation costs, and stewardship of these resources. 

Creasey said it will be a long process, but they would like to explore the re-use of some buildings, potential development by the private sector and bringing in organizations and businesses that would enhance the experience of the Park for visitors and residents.

“We want to talk about the buildings we would like to keep and opportunities for the private sector to retain others for other uses,” he said. “I don’t know what those other uses are yet, but we hope to explore that…”

The next phase is activation of these plans, including design, program development, and development of a strategy for use of buildings not being utilized by the National Park Service.

The public meeting will be held at the USS Constitution Museum, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA on September 26, at 6 p.m.

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