Monument Experiments With Ice Cream on Main Street

It’s been years since there have been ice cream cones on Main Street, but last week Monument Restaurant gave a test-run to having an ice cream cart in their space – and early results said it was a hit.

Manager Lauren Whelan said during the last several hot weeks, they thought about offering ice cream as there isn’t any scooped ice cream places anywhere near Main Street. They dubbed it Monument Scoops.

Gina and Olivia Powers enjoyed an ice cream cone on Main Street last week, as part of an experiment by Monument Restaurant.

“Our distributor was involved with this and we were excited to work with them to offer this,” she said. “It could be something we bring back. We’ll see. There was a good test run and we’ll see how popular it was.”

The ice cream came from Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Inman Square, and Monument set up an ice cream cart and point-of-sale machine just inside their door.

Last Thursday afternoon, as the temperatures climbed, several families and friends came through the doors to grab a cone on their way home or while running errands.

“We were excited to be able to get ice cream here on Main Street again,” said Gina Powers. “I don’t think we’ve had something on Main Street since Friendly’s closed a long time ago.”

Monument offered ice cream three days last week from 3-8 p.m., and they’ll decide soon if it was popular enough to bring it back in August.

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