Charlestown Teens Set out for Catch of the Day

On Wednesday, July 10, eight teens from Turn it Around joined Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay for a free day of recreational fishing on Boston Harbor aboard the 49-passenger classic fishing boat, “The Belle.”

Save the Harbor’s free Catch of the Day program offers young people from area youth development and community groups an interactive “bait-to-plate” curriculum that teaches young people how to catch and prepare striped bass, flounder, black sea bass and mackerel using traditional fishing methods.

Over the summer, Save the Harbor will host 24 free Catch of the Day fishing trips, bringing nearly a thousand youth and teens out on the water, many of them for the first time.

“This free program teaches young people who live just a few miles from Boston Harbor the fun of fishing and the importance of eating more sustainably sourced seafood,” said Save the Harbor’s President Tani Marinovich. “It also helps us create the next generation of Boston Harbor stewards who understand the importance of the fishing industry to the city and the recreational and educational value of our spectacular harbor to them and their communities.”

As they returned to the dock, the new anglers learned to prepare the fish they caught, and sampled fresh ceviche that they helped prepare on the boat with Save the Harbor’s Director of Strategy and Communications Bruce Berman, who helped develop the curriculum with avid angler and chef Basil Freddura of the Daily Catch restaurants.

“It’s a simple recipe, said Berman. ” “We use fresh fish cut into small cubes, cured in lime juice and seasoned with fresh garlic, cilantro, scallions and both sweet and hot peppers. It is healthy and delicious and the kids love it.”

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