ISD Orders BPDA to Tear down or Fix Building 108

Building 108 – known as Power Plant – in the Navy Yard had its recent demolition announcement hastened via a violation issued by ISD in February.

After an inspection in early February, ISD wrote the BPDA a violation for the condition of the northwest corner of the wall. That violations seems to have hastened the announcement in March that the building would be demolished this year.

“After ISD visited the property on February 7, 2019, the BPDA received (a violation notice),” read a request by the BPDA. “The Violation Notice states that

Building 108, ‘…has severe masonry issues and is in danger of collapse. It is open to the elements leaving it subject to further deterioration and dangerous conditions, poising potential life safety issues to all in proximity of [Building 108].’ ISD ordered the BPDA to ‘[i]mmediately secure all areas within the perimeter of this structure, limit all access to any adjacent properties, and supply this Department with an Engineering Report to make safe or raze the structure.’”

The BPDA entered into a contract with Weston and Sampson last month to demolish the building this year. On today’s (April 11) BPDA agenda, they have also asked for an emergency $290,000 contract with Fleming Brothers for a protective fencing around the ISD violation area.

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