Better Bus Mobile Meeting Makes Landing at Sullivan Station

If one is going to have a meeting about improving the bus, then there would be no better place to have that meeting than on a bus.

The MBTA’s Better Bus initiative pulled into Sullivan Station on Tuesday for a mobile meeting on an actual bus – talking about all route change suggestions coming out of Sullivan Station, including some key changes to the #92 and #93.

Melissa Duella, MBTA senior director of service planning, was on the mobile bus and said they are looking to increase the frequency and reliability of service on the two Charlestown routes by eliminating some less-used portions of the route.

On the #92, the MBTA is suggesting removing the mid-day trip to Assembly Row Mall, instead having people transfer to the Orange Line that has a new stop at Assembly. That loop is not used much, she said, but experience in the Town is that it is used by the elderly for afternoon shopping.

Meanwhile, the #93 bus is looking to change its route by eliminating the loop into the Navy Yard and simply going directly into Haymarket.

Mia Forsberg of the Navy Yard was at the mobile meeting and said she would support the change.

“I agreed with it,” she said. “I understand it makes sense. Even if you’re going to work, you can go up to Warren Street, take the ferry or just walk downtown. When you travel by public transportation you can’t go in a straight line most of the time.”

However, she said one thing she would really like to see is more improvements to Sullivan Station.

“It’s just the ugliness of it and it’s all about traffic and gridlock and it’s hard to cross over here,” she said. “I think we can do better.” The Better Bus initiative will continue with more mobile meetings across the city at locations several of the 47 proposed changes will occur.

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