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Last week while watching the evening news on Channel 5, one of their big stories concerned the effects of the federal shutdown at the Bunker Hill Monument. According to the TV report, things have gotten so bad up in Monument Square  with overflowing trash receptacles that a group of residents from CharlestownDogs has jumped into action trying to clean up the area by the main entrance to the Monument area.

I am trying to figure something out here. Who is causing the messy situation? Can’t be tourists because they’re not the problem. They usually don’t carry poop bags on vacation. Mayor Walsh stated that city workers would step into help during the duration of the shutdown. However, the real issue is why folks keep  stuffing the blank into overflowing trash containers or worse dropping their waste onto the ground and walking away wiping their hands clean?

I think it is nice that a group of Townie dog owners have put action to their words as a solution to keeping the area clean. However, this mess doesn’t create itself and it is up to those who don’t seem to care about cleanliness and willy-nilly add to the messy siuation.

We are all responsible for keeping our neighborhoods clean. We all have to do our part. Right now it seems that isn’t being done. Don’t blame Trump, look into the mirror. There’s the culprit.

Finally, I want you to know I am not bashing dog owners. I have owned many a dog over a lifetime and can remember the names of every single one. As I got older, I got more responsible, meaning I carried poop bags. However, 50 years ago when I lived at 12 Pearl Street across from the Warren Prescott. I had a young dog named “Rebel’ a beautiful German shepherd. I used to walk him all over the place and never thought of poop bags. If my dog dropped you-know-what at will, I kept moving because my name wasn’t Will, but that was then and this is now. The place is a park not an open landfill.


I just found out that the official term for what is happening to the U.S. Post Office site at the mall is “Holdover Status.’ Sounds good. Do you think if you or I used that if our lease was up and the owners wanted us out, could we say we are in “Hold Over” status too? Nice to be the government, huh? The USPS isn’t even saying, “The check’s in the mail.”

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