Documents Used in Wynn Investigation Still Barred from Use, Continued Delays on MGC Investigation

A judge in Nevada ordered on Jan. 4 that several documents obtained in the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) investigation into sexual misconduct by Steve Wynn will remain shielded from public use until more hearings can be held.

Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez, of Clark County, Nevada, held a hearing on the case brought by Steve Wynn against the MGC on Jan. 4, a hearing that was to determine whether or not the MGC could go ahead with the public unveiling of its investigation into sexual misconduct by Wynn.

MGC officials had said they expected Wynn’s suit to quickly be dismissed in mid-December, but that did not happen. After Friday, even more doubt was in place about whether some of the documents used in the investigation could violate attorney-client privilege.

The Associated Press reported that Gonzalez said she was limiting what the MGC could rely on, share or utilize until she decides whether the materials contain privileged information.

It was a blow to the investigation, which was supposed to originally roll out in late summer of 2018, but was continued throughout the fall. Then, in the fall, the suit was filed by Steve Wynn, a suit that blocked the public roll out of the investigation in December.

The Associated Press also reported that the judge was willing to release some materials with redactions. One key piece of the case will be whether or not Wynn’s lawyers can prove that he had a common interest agreement with attorneys for Wynn Resorts.

The judge indicated that an update on the case would be filed on Jan. 11.

Meanwhile, this Thursday, the MGC will discuss how to proceed with its investigation and what can be done at this point.

Encore Boston Harbor will also give a quarterly report on the status of their project during that Jan. 10 meeting.

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