Ayanna Pressley Endorses Rachael Rollins for District Attorney

Citing her depth of experience and her commitment to ensuring equal justice for all, last week Ayanna Pressley, Democratic candidate for Congress, endorsed Rachael Rollins for Suffolk County District Attorney. Rollins won a heavily contested Democratic Primary for District Attorney in September.

“I have been constantly impressed by Rachael’s vision for reforming our criminal justice system, which for too long has been defined by inequity and discrimination,” said Pressley. “Rachael’s passion and experience will enable her to bring the bold, activist leadership we so desperately need to address the challenges facing our communities – including mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline, disparities in sentencing, and the treatment of incarcerated women. I am proud to stand with Rachael, and I am excited to work together on issues of consequence.”

Rollins responded by saying, “Ayanna Pressley has been an inspiring advocate and force for change throughout her life and career, from her time as City Councilor through her historic campaign for Congress. I am proud to have Ayanna’s endorsement and look forward to working together to make sure our criminal justice system works fairly for everyone.”

Rollins believes that justice is best served when every person who comes into contact with the system is treated with dignity and respect. She is running for Suffolk County District Attorney to keep communities safe and to ensure justice for victims. Rollins is committed to improving our criminal justice system through best-practices and data-driven programs that prioritize equity and justice. That includes focusing on treatment, not prosecution, for those swept up in the justice system for minor crimes. This will also allow prosecutors to focus more resources on the serious crimes that truly undermine public safety, like domestic violence and sexual assault, gun violence, and homicides. Rollins is looking forward to working with the police, community partners and residents of Suffolk County to transform the District Attorney’s office.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

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