BLA/BLS Shuttles Will Return Without a Fight

In Charlestown, when a student is headed off to one of the exam schools, the list for back to school has routinely included fighting Boston Public Schools and the City for another year of the bus shuttle.

That won’t be necessary this year, said a spokesman for Boston Public Schools this week – which resumes classes on Sept. 6.

“There will be no change in service pertaining to the Boston Latin Academy (BLA) and Boston Latin School (BLS) buses from East Boston and Charlestown, according to the BPS Transportation Department,” said Spokesman Dan O’Brien this week.

The BLA and BLS buses have been intact for many years to help children from Charlestown and Eastie get to locations that are not easy to traverse on the MBTA from the neighborhood.

BLA is located on Warren Street in Roxbury, and can take more than an hour to get to, and starts around 7 a.m. Meanwhile, BLS is located in the Fenway and has a similar challenge with start time and commute times.

To make things easier, Boston Public Schools has always provided a shuttle in Charlestown for students heading to those two exam schools.

It hasn’t come without a fight, though.

In recent years, the shuttles were cut at the last minute, and many parents hadn’t learned about it until late August – forcing a scramble to figure out how to get middle schoolers and high schoolers across the city by themselves.

Parents have grown outraged by the situation in Charlestown, and already this year there were rumors that the bus might get cut again.

However, BPS affirmed this week that there would be no battle this year. The configuration agreed upon last year with the community will remain intact.

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