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Back in the summer of 1978, I played softball on the Fenwood Flyers, one of a handful of teams that summer that played in a labor union softball league. I was the first baseman for the AFSCME Local 470 union team in this league. Our team’s colors were green and white. We didn’t play that great, but we sure did look good.

I recently found an old team photo from that season and wondered if anyone who knows me can recognize me in the photo. By the way few if anyone ever picks me in the team photo. They keep picking my Puerto Rican teammate at second base.


-I lived on Winthrop Street around the corner fro the Training Field in the 70s and 80s and was always walking by the Training Field. I even took lady friends there for picnics more than once or twice. I always admired the Civil War Monument there honoring those Townies who died in that horrible war to keep America one nation.

I know a little about the history of  the Training Field and its role in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Over the years I have taken a number of photos of this monument to the community›s own heroes in that war that tore America apart.

I always thought so much more could be done with this historic training field remembering this patch of green›s past and how it could become so relevant to today›s Charlestown residents.

I just read that the Friends of the Training Field spearheaded by the group›s president Billy Kelly to light up this piece of history, this patch of land and the Millmore Statue that has always been the centerpiece of field.

The group is now fundraising to raise money for the lighting of this impressive statue. As a lifetime member of the Charlestown Historical Society I have offered Billy my help in raising awareness and funding to bring the statue to light.

There is a $10,000 raffle going on and upcoming events on the Training Field are on tap soon. If you want to help Billy Kelly on this project call him at 617-241-8130.

I also asked for his help too with getting the recently discovered monument to the Charlestown Potato Sheds over by the on-ramp to Chelsea on the Tobin Bridge. It needs to be moved to a better location for all of  Charlestown to see. We need to shine light on this forgotten monument to Charlestown›s past. For this you can email me at [email protected].


I always read the Clergy Viewpoint commentaries published right here on the pages of this newspaper. Father Ronan’s are always filled with surprises as he takes some subject we already think we know and he gives another fresh approach to understanding it. His latest GOD HAS A PLAN is one of his best. I have always believed that all of us are put here for a reason. Many of us search for it our whole lives and fail to see it or think it must have passed us unknowingly.

All of us want a purpose for living, for being here, for suffering through life. Many await some major event that becomes our moment in the sun but many times the purpose might be something quite small or seemingly not important.I like to tell people as I approach the beginning of a new decade of life that God’s purpose for me is coming soon but I said that on my last new decade of life, too.

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