Evans Has Fueled Thousands of Young Hockey Players at Edie’s

Whether Saturday morning or Monday nights, aside from the ice on the rink, the most anticipated thing for most youth hockey players in Charlestown is Edie’s Snack Shack and Edie Evans.

She’s as much a part of hockey in the Town as a pair of sharp skates.

As part of the exciting video produced by Pure Hockey to name Charlestown the first winner of its Home Ice program, Evans was highlighted front and center as much as the legends on the ice.

“I always say they’re mine for six months,” she laughed on Monday night. I think the video was great and I was glad I was in it because I am a big part of the kids. I was nervous though.”

Nervous is not how most would describe Evans, who has manned the snack shack for CYHA and others for around 25 years and isn’t afraid to mix it up with friends and coaches at the rink. She has seen tiny tots come in with their first pair of skates on, only to also watch them become hockey stars in high school and the professional ranks.

Somewhere along the line, she figures, most every kid in Charlestown has had at least a bite of her chicken fingers or chosen a candy bar from behind the counter.

“I love the kids and have a good rapport with them,” she said. “It’s always great on the first day when they come into the rink and yell, ‘Edie’s Back again.’ Everyone is always happy to see me here.”

Evans came to the snack bar due to working at The Red Store for decades. Everyone knew her from there, and so they asked her to also work for the concession stand.

While everyone agrees that her pancakes and breakfast sandwiches are a specialty, it’s something else that gets top billing.

“Chicken fingers and fries,” she said. “That’s the most popular thing. I’ve even had people come in from across the street and ask if they can buy some fries and chicken even if they don’t have a kid in hockey. I always tell them, ‘Of course!.’”


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