Flaherty Takes Charlestown At-Large Race

By Seth Daniel

At-large City Councilor Michael Flaherty grabbed a convincing vote in Charlestown in the Nov. 7 City Election, scoring a win in the Town while coming in third place citywide.

In the Citywide vote, Council President Michelle Wu came in first place, though taking second in the Charlestown vote. Citywide, second place went to Councilor Ayanna Pressley, with Flaherty third and Councilor Annissa Essaibi George getting the fourth and final seat.

The numbers for the Charlestown at-large race were as follows:

  • Michael Flaherty – 2,974
  • Michelle Wu – 2,896
  • Ayanna Pressley – 2,123
  • Annissa Essaibi George – 1,654
  • Althea Garrison – 626
  • William King – 321
  • Domingos Darosa – 281
  • Pat Payaso – 266

Flaherty won five of the seven Charlestown precincts, but scored his best votes at the Zelma Lacey House in 2-1 and at the Edwards Middle School in 2-6 (575 votes).

Council President Wu won the other two precincts, those being the Harvard Kent in 2-2 and the Zelma Lacey House in 2-3.

Citywide, Wu won with 64,978 votes, with Pressley coming in second with 57,479 votes. Flaherty had 51,621 votes for third place, and Essaibi George garnered 45,524 for the final spot.

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