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Story and Photos By Sal Giarratani


Former State Rep Gerry Doherty is a living Charlestown history book. Doherty first met Jack Kennedy back in 1946 at the Bunker Hill Day Parade as the future president walked past his home on Washington Street in his run for Congress, and Doherty remembered Kennedy as “this really skinny guy.”

Today, Doherty is now 89 years old, and has decided to put a book together about his role as both a foot soilder and field marshall in Kennedy’s political army. The book is called “They Were My Friends: Jack, Bob and Ted” in which he talks about over 40 years of politics and his  campaigns to be elected and stay elected as Charlestown’s state representative.

If you like politics and who in Charlestown doesn’t, this is your book. I have been part of many great political campaigns in over 45 years. Remember, Charlestown is the real Kennedy School of Politics, and Doherty its only dean.



I was recently over in Revere to be in the Columbus Day parade this year. I rode with the McGee›s Corner Militia or as I refer to this bunch of Vietnam veterans “the Winthrop Army,” and with folks from the Beachmont VFW Post 6712 Aux.

Wasn’t the best day for a parade, but we marched and the crowds were lining the streets. I rode this year in a military half-track vehicle vintage WWII wearing my cowboy hat and acting like actor Robert Duval in “Apocalypse Now”  and having fun with the crowds watching us.



Recently, the life of Anne Considine was remembered as she was praised as one of those original hockey moms in a tribute over at the Charlestown rink. The ceremony was put on by Charlestown Youth Hockey. Her family and many friends were there to remember someone special. She was involved in everything or so it seemed. I worked with her on the Kennedy Center’s Board of Directors and the board of the Charlestown Economic Development Corporation back in the early ’80s.

She loved hockey and the role she played in getting kids on the ice and preparing them for their futures through the skills learned on the ice. She always spoke out. and would never sit by idly if she had an idea. She was a prototype Townie who considered Charlestown more than a residential address, it was much more than that, and she lived and worked for Charlestown, and especially young folks.

Her banner now hangs high for all to see, and her memory still lives on.



Haven›t heard much lately about One Charlestown. It was hot and heavy for a while but seems to have gone into hibernation like a bunch of bears during winter. What is this new plan? Tommy Cuhna recently said after reaching out to the development team, he was reportedly told they are still not ready to present any plans to the community. Tommy is right, “Time is ticking.”  He thinks perhaps it might be because One Charlestown may now be  looking at several sites and not One Charlestown. What does this mean if true and how will this new idea go over with the community. The longer time goes on, the more I don’t know.

Where are our elected officials on all of these recent developments?

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