Passacantilli:One Charlestown Proposal is Too Big for the Neighborhood

Stephen Passacantilli, a local civic leader and Boston Public Schools parent running for Boston City Council District 1 has announced he will oppose the current One Charlestown proposal due to its unreasonable size and density.  Passacantilli also advocated for a more transparent community process that would give residents greater input on the proposal.

Passacantilli said, “The current proposal for the One Charlestown development is far too large and dense for this community. There is widespread agreement that the Bunker Hill Housing Development should be renovated. However, the current proposal which would see the size and density of the development almost triple from 1,100 units to 2,800 units is outrageous.

Traffic in and around Charlestown is already out of control, and adding nearly 2,000 additional market-rate units in such a small and dense community is unacceptable. As your City Councilor, I will refuse to accept any plan that is not fully supported by the Charlestown community.

I have spent the past six months meeting with residents living in the Bunker Hill Housing Development and throughout the rest of the neighborhood.  There is a clear need for better planning and a process that is driven by community input – not by the bottom line of developers.

As City Councilor, I will not let the community process be just a box the developers check off. There is no one who will fight harder for you when it comes to standing up for Charlestown’s residents.” Many know Passacantilli from his years of public service across Boston. He is a lifelong resident of the North End where he has been deeply involved as past president of his local civic association and through local charities and community organizations like North End Against Drugs (NEAD) and the North End Beautification Committee. Passacantilli is also an active Boston Public Schools parent and serves on the board of the Gavin Foundation.

Passacantilli and his wife, Renée, are raising their two children, Grace and Evan, in the building where he grew up in the North End.

1 comment for “Passacantilli:One Charlestown Proposal is Too Big for the Neighborhood

  1. Vic
    October 21, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Passacantilli is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is in the pocket of every real estate developer for 50 miles, including the ones pushing One Charlestown. My daughter looked it up. Everyone who stands to make money off this project is donating to get him elected, right down to the landscaper.
    He’s got all these signs and pretty pictures and nice words so he can pull the wool over our eyes. If somebody is spending that much money to say nothing, they are trying to fool you. Why are people donating all this money to Stephen Passacantilli? They have got to expect something in return. I read that he has raked in over $100,000 from real estate developers, so there’s your answer right there.

    People here are sick of over development, sick of traffic, and sick of the Mayor OKing any construction project that comes across his desk. Turf politics from the 1950s and calling in favors is how these projects get pushed through. That’s why they want their guy on city council. Do you think that the people who are his big backers in Eastie and the N. End care at all about Charlestown, except to make money for their friends? He can’t even make it sound believable. The guy can’t look you in the eye. He can’s give a straight answer to a question.
    Somebody came knocking on my door from his campaign and it looked more like he was coming to beat me up. I didn’t want to open the door the whole way. They weren’t looking for my vote they were looking like enforcers. Some nice Asian kid came to my door for Lydia Edwards and he knew what he was talking about. He had papers that answered my questions and said he or Edwards could give me a call with an answer if I wanted more information. I didn’t need that. You can tell when someone is trustworthy. They look you in the eye and answer your question.

    There is no comparison here. She is an experienced lawyer running a whole city department just to help protect residents against developers, and he’s been shuffled from one made up patronage job to another. He gives you no plans only brags about his “connections” . Yeah, those connections only work for his buddies trying to make money off of permitting building projects that nobody wants. Would I ever trust him to stand up for Charlestown? No way. I’m not one of his crowd, he owes me no favors. Charlestown is just a money making opportunity for them.
    People say they are afraid to go against him, because the Mayor is pushing people hard to support him. If you work for the city they might hurt your job. But in America people vote in secret, so they can’t get you. If we all vote together for what’s right and somebody to stand up for us, we won’t have to live in fear any more.

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