Edwards Releases Education Platform, Advocating Good Schools are to Everyone’s Benefit

Lydia Edwards, candidate for Boston city council, released a comprehensive education platform pushing for better neighborhood schools and promised to be a champion for public education across the district.

“We need to approach education in Boston with a firm understanding that quality, local schools is in the best interest of not just parents but everyone in the community,” said Edwards. “I believe that it ‘takes a village’ to raise kids.”

Edwards said part of seeing education as a community issue is recognizing that if we don’t push for quality accessible education in our neighborhoods, people will leave. Some of the most involved community members are parents and it’s vital to have them stay, she said.

“‘Winning the lottery’ is not an education policy,” she said. “We need to build our schools to ensure more spots but more importantly we need to build better schools. Students, parents, and teachers need funding and action from our city government to do better. I will be a champion for families across the district and for all Bostonians.”

Edwards’s education policy platform outlines support for children before, during and after school.

“Early education puts students in a safe, wholesome environment and frees parents to pursue career advancement or volunteer in their communities. I would also like to see our schools increase investment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and vocational skills to open up opportunities for young Bostonians and enrich the talent pool in our city,” said Edwards.

As for after school, Edwards states “According to local police, there is a spike in crime during the hours of 3-6 p.m. when many children are out of school. I believe we need to support after school programs and increase the amount of free or low cost opportunities. I would like to bring together public schools, charter schools, the YMCA, and Boston Youth and Family Services and the Boys and Girls club to make sure we are creating an affordable after school program network.”

Jessica Tang, president of the Boston Teachers Union, says “Lydia has been an unwavering champion for public schools. We have no doubt that she will continue to be a strong voice and advocate for our students, educators, and larger community. We strongly endorse Lydia for city council and encourage residents to vote for her on November 7th.” Edwards is the only Boston municipal candidate endorsed by the Boston Teacher’s Union.

“I support innovation in our school system to tackle the challenges facing our children and school district. I am excited to bring everyone to the table to discuss how to improve quality of life for our kids. As your city councilor, I will happily learn from and work with educators, parents, students, nurses, school administrations and other stakeholders in public, private and charter schools,” said Edwards.

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