Letter to the Editor

Expressing Our Gratitude for the Grasshopper Café

Dear Editor:

As the summer comes to a close and as we prepare for the year ahead we can’t help but reflect on the success stories from our last school year. The Harvard Kent School and the Eliot K-8 Innovation Schools worked hard to promote the social and emotional development of our students, and supported the growth of our children holistically. With the goal of promoting good citizenship and celebrating student success we have developed a powerful partnership with the Grasshopper Café. Each month both school communities gather together as a “Breakfast Club” to celebrate the students who have embodied their school’s guiding principles and been role models in the community. Together, students shared delicious pancakes, good conversation and practiced their table manners. These celebrations couldn’t take place without all of the support and hospitality from our powerful partners at the Grasshopper Café. We are so thankful for Lynn and Kevin Smith and all of the wonderful staff at the restaurant. Our students are looking forward to the opportunity to join the Breakfast Club this year and especially the chance to eat the BEST pancakes in Boston!

Principal of the Eliot School- Traci Walker Griffith

Principal of the Harvard Kent Jason Gallagher

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