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Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Stephen Passacantilli.  I will be casting my vote for Stephen in this September’s City Council election.  I’ve lived in Charlestown my whole life. I grew up here, I raised my family here, and I’ve retired here.  I have been impressed with the policies Stephen Passacantilli has put forward, specifically about supporting our seniors and making sure children growing up in Charlestown can go to a good school in the community.  Stephen gets it, and he clearly has the experience and ideas that will matter to our neighborhood and the entire city.  Stephen Passacantilli has my support for City Council, and I hope he will earn yours as well!

Grace Campbell



Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing District 1 City Councilor candidate Stephen Passcantilli’s Veterans Platform.

As a veteran and as president of the Abraham Lincoln Post 11 on Green Street, Passacantilli’s message of making Charlestown Veterans a priority speaks loudly to his commitment to the community and to those who served our country.

Housing, jobs and advocacy are key to supporting veterans when they return home from active duty and while the Abe Lincoln Post 11 veterans outreach program works to provide this assistance to our neighbors, we cannot do it alone: as candidate Passacantilli says, to successfully support veterans, we need our elected officials, nonprofit organizations and the community to work together to increase veteran specific programs and to advocate for services.

The Abraham Lincoln Post 11, GAR, is pleased to support candidate Steve Passacantilli for the Boston City Council, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

As the Post on Green Street begins renovations this summer, we invite everyone with an interest in historic restoration, veterans services and community programming to stop by and join us in supporting Charlestown veterans.

Joe Zuffante

President, Abe Lincoln Post 11

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