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By Sal Giarratani


Hi Sal

I read your article in the April 6th edition of the Charlestown Bridge concerning the 92 Main St. bus. Would you encourage people to call the MBTA comment line @ 617-222-3200 to ask that the 92 Main St Bus be reinstated back to Foley St.

It is a hardship for our seniors to walk from Grand Union Ave. This is an important issue due to the fact that we do not have any retail stores in Charlestown, our only supermarket is very expensive. There is a Trader Joe opening up soon on Foley St., where they could shop.

Beverly Gibbons

Administrative Coordinator

Golden Age Senior Club



If you can›t get enough Townie news right here, you can always check out where I also do more newspaper stuff. This week I will be penning a commentary on the recent Sunday Funday Parade fundraiser down at the Knights. Some folks say they can’t get enough of me and of course sadly there are others who  say I’m around too much for their own good. I side with my supporters.



I caught Dennis Taylor’s act once again at the Knights. This kid is incredible. He sounds liker a cross between Dennis Edwards from the Temptations and Lou Rawls doing “Lady Love. ” Great deep R & B voice. Looks like a typical white singer until he opens his mouth. Then forget it  I grew up in the hood over in Lower Roxbury and use to go dancing  all the time to mostly great R & B tunes. I was actualy a drummer in a bad called “The SilenSirs” and we did mostly British and Soul Music, Motown and the Philly Sound. My favorite group was The Temptations. Great music to dance  out there on the dance floor.

I know a thing or too about this subject which is why I think Taylor is such a great singer. Recently, caught up with Mike ‘Smokey’ Cain, top Townie DJ. He loves good R & B too and plays it all the time.

We bumped into each other down at the CVS in the mall. We both  started singing the talent that Dennis Taylor has shown so far. My only criticism was that Dennis needs to loosen up and start moving around the dance floor. He’s got the sound and now he needs the moves. He’ll get there but he needs to start feeling like James Brown and let his body fly high.



Bulletin, Dave Flanagan is back in Charlestown. Yup, the kid from Carney Court and the projects  back in the day is back down at Tommy Cuhna’s  house on lower Bunker Hail Street where resident parking  is easy to find. It has been 27 years Dave actually lived in The Town. No one really missed him that much because few actually knew he left. He’s been here all the time or so it seemed. He’s been telling everyone he knows that “I’m back.”  Some of the guys at the Knights  fundraiser thought they should have a Welcome Back Dave Party for him. It looks very much like he would love it.

You know, I have been out of Charlestown almost 33 years now I am getting closer. I am only across the water in East Boston now learning Spanish. I wonder if Tommy has another flat for rent. Sure Dave can vouch for me.


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