Wynn Named Finance Director for Republican Party, Ready to Help Trump

By Seth Daniel

Steve Wynn of Wynn Resorts has been named the new Finance Chairman for the Republican National Committee (RNC), and said he is ready ready to help President Donald Trump make American great again.

Wynn is in the process of developing a $2.1 billion resort casino in Everett, just across the line from Charlestown.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced the appointment on Tuesday, and issued a statement – along with a statement from Wynn. Many see it as an oddity as the two casino developers have been at extreme odds over the years.

In Trump’s book, ‘The Art of the Deal,’ he criticized Wynn for being a “strange character.”

Not long ago, in a rather comical poke at the now-president, Wynn said Trump was “all hat, no cattle.”

The two have also sued one another several times, and settled such suits several times.

Now, it appears the two men are shooting at the same target.

“I look forward to helping President Trump and his Administration make America greater again for the people who work hard every day,” said Wynn. “Our goal is to bring together people of all backgrounds to meet the challenge of making a better life for all Americans.”

Said McDaniel, “I am proud to have Steve Wynn on board as RNC Finance Chairman. His incredible career has been marked not just by extraordinary business success, but meaningful relationships with his employees, guests, and Americans of all backgrounds. He understands and shares the national enthusiasm for President Trump, and will bring his passion for American values, his leadership skills, and his track record of outstanding results to our Finance operation. We welcome to our team a true patriot who is all-in to help us raise the support needed to maintain the RNC’s record level of organizational strength.”

Wynn has supported both Democratic and Republican candidates in the past.

According to reports in the Las Vegas media, Wynn gave contributions to Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida during the Republican Primary Election campaign.

At an appearance in Boston last March, Wynn stopped short of endorsing Trump or anyone else.

Instead, he railed on the National Debt and the inability of any candidate to address that – something that actually never happened during the campaign.

At that time, after spouting off from memory the numbers of employees in the government, the two unions representing them and the interest rate on various forms of the government debt, he said no one is offering a solution to that.

“We take in $3.1 billion and we spend $3.6 billion; that’s $1.650 we don’t have that we’re borrowing,” he said last March. “No matter what Bernie Saunders says there is one problem and it’s the deficit because when we borrow $50 billion of new money every month, we print that money and increase the money supply and dilute the paycheck of every one of you in this room,” he said. “Down goes your living standard as it has been for quite some time. Until someone decides that the ins and the outs have to match up, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse. The deficit is destroying the living standard of working people in America. Nothing is more simple and less complicated than that truth. Do you hear that in the public discourse today?”

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