Police Briefs 02-02-2017


01/24/17 – A storeowner on Bunker Hill Street reported a white male entered his place of business and stole a bottle of Remy Martin. A video of the crime is available, and detectives will investigate.


01/26/17 – A victim reported while she was walking on Medford Street, a group of five males approached her from the opposite direction. One of them then took the victim’s cell phone from her hand and fled down Medford Street. No description of suspects was available at this time


01/26/17 – A victim reported while in a business on Austin Street, he was approached by two males, one of whom was known to him. That individual was armed with a machete while the other suspect showed brass knuckles. The suspects then rifled through the victim’s pockets, taking $180 in cash and his cell phone before fleeing the area. The matter is under investigation.

Investigate Property

01/28/17 – A store clerk on Rutherford Avenue reported a customer filled his car with gas and then drove away with the nozzle still in the tank. The suspect stopped briefly before continuing to drive away. A video and the plate number of the car were obtained by the officer, and the investigation is ongoing.


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