Charlestown Recovery House Looks For a Few More Beds,Confront Opiate Crisis

By Seth Daniel

The Charlestown Recovery House at 15 Bunker Hill St. will hold a public meeting on site for surrounding neighbors on Saturday, Dec. 10, at 10:30 a.m. to discuss its petition to add a few more beds to its long-time recovery home.

John McGahan told the Patriot Bridge that the Recovery House is looking to expand from 27 beds to 33 beds, though he said they only plan on utilizing 30 beds at this time.

“We’re going through the process now and we did apply for 33 beds, but we don’t intend to use all of those now, just 30 of them,” he said. “There is a lot of paperwork to file and we decided to ask for 33 now so we didn’t have to come back later to do so.”

He said there would be no construction required or no renovations. It would simply involve getting the approvals and then adding the beds to the home.

“This is a statewide problem,” he said. “We keep saying we need to get out on the front end of this addiction crisis. We need to get in all the schools and educate the young people about this. We just keep banging away at it here.”

In other meeting news on Saturday, Dec. 10:

  • A neighbor at 14 Essex St. will hold a public meeting on site at noon to discuss a privacy fence that is to be erected. The fence issue on Essex Street is a contentious one with the Mishawum Development, with a land dispute and fence dispute erupting last summer between the two. It is uncertain how this proposal fits into the context of that predicament.
  • Blackmoor Bar and Kitchen will hold a meeting on site at 3 p.m. to discuss having a 2 a.m. closing time on New Year’s Eve to accommodate those wishing to stay out later to ring in the New Year.

Anyone with any questions about the above meeting can contact Chris Breen at (617) 635-3549.


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