Police Briefs 09-15-2016



09/06/16 – A victim on Bunker Hill Street reported unknown person(s) stole a wheelchair from in front of their home.


09/07/16 – A victim on First Avenue reported he saw a male charging his phone outside of his apartment building.

When he informed the individual he was on private property and would have to leave, the suspect stated he would but would come back later to shoot him before fleeing on a black bike.

Aggravated Assault

09/08/16 – The manager of a business on Pier 6 reported a message on his answering machine from an unknown patron who stated while exiting the marina gate in his car, a male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt pointed a gun at him through the driver’s side window and demanded the patron’s necklace.  The victim sped away without giving up the jewelry.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, and detectives will investigate. At the time of publication, victim has not contacted the police.


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