Enjoy Labor Day Weekend — Safely

It’s hard to believe, but the inevitable has arrived — Labor Day weekend is here.

For those of us in the Greater Boston area, this has been the most incredible summer that anyone can remember (and for some of us, that’s a lot longer than we’d like to admit). This has been the sunniest summer on record without the extreme heat or humidity that make us yearn for a break from the sun.

The downside of course, is that the great weather has meant that we are in the midst of a record-setting drought that soon may bring disaster to some areas of our state — but that’s a subject for another story.

With a forecast (as this is being written) for more superb weather throughout the entire week and through the weekend, we wish all of our readers a fun and entertaining Labor Day weekend, giving all of us one last chance to catch up with friends and family or perhaps just to take a long, easy break somewhere nice and quiet.

Regardless of how we spend this final summer weekend, we urge all of our readers to do so safely and to be sure not to drink & drive or drink & boat, and to ensure that those around us maintain their sobriety, and if not, we take their keys.

Too many tragic, life-changing circumstances occur all too often because somebody just drinks too much (think of the person whose arm got cut off by a boat propeller last summer).  Alcohol still is Public Enemy #1 — far exceeding all other drugs, legal and illegal, in terms of the tragedy and havoc it wreaks upon individuals and families.

So let’s enjoy this Last Blast of Summer — but’s let do it safely, so that we and our loved ones always will have fond and happy memories of the amazing Summer of 2016.

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