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Recently, Peggy Flaherty passed away at the age of 81 years young. She always seemed to be so active, one hardly could tell her age. She was always smiling, in great spirits and enjoyed her life as the wife of a politician and the mother of another. Every time I attended for Boston City Councilor Michael F. Flaherty Jr., she was there front and center.

 Over the years we became great friends. She always read my commentaries in the paper and praised my writing. She always made anyone feel good just conversing with her.

As I stood in line at her wake, I talked with everyone around me as I always seem to do. All of us had Mrs. Flaherty stories no matter our ages. When I approached her casket, it seemed old to see her lying there so silently and not gabbing with everyone. I felt a loss in my heart that she has life us so suddenly. Every season of life has a reason as the Bible says. We didn’t get our chance at saying goodbye. That was hard.

 There›s an old Beatles song, «We Can Work it Out,› whose lyrics came to my mind. «Life is very short for fussing and fighting my friend.» Life is short and gets shortly the older one gets. However, if we live life well, it is always long enough.

 Peggy Flaherty will be remembered for the life she lived and the happiness she created in others around her.

Recently, my longtime friend Cookie Giordano emailed her remembrance of her longtime friend Peggy and I thought it was worth sharing with all the readers of the Charlestown Patriot.

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